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    3 hot tips for more eCommerce sales conversions

    The math is simple:

    If 1,000 visitors come to your website in a month and 2% of them convert to a sale, then you have 20 paying customers. If you can increase that conversion percentage by even 1%, you will now have a 50% relative increase in the number of paying customers. That means more revenue for you – sound good?

    This is especially important when considering that for every $92 spent acquiring new customers, only $1 is spent converting them (Econsultancy, 2016).

    We’ve found that merchants who implement Zip have seen up to a 20% increase in conversion rates by following a few simple tips. Here’s how they did it:

    1. Use Zip Widget Calculators on All Product Pages

    Online shoppers need to find all of the relevant purchase information quickly and clearly before pressing “Buy Now”.

    Our Calculator Widgets help them understand how paying with Zip can break up the full price and make it easier to digest through weekly instalments. This improves the chance of your visitor converting to a customer and also increases their average order value by encouraging them to spend more.

    The Calculator Widget is simple to install and fits nicely into your product page – here are some instructions for your web developer, or we can even help you match the look and feel of your website. Contact us here if you would like help installing our widgets on your page.

    Putting this widget on all of your product pages will help you convert more visitors to paying customers. Here’s an example of the Calculator Widget on a product page for collected.co.nz

    2. Promote Zip on your Header Bar

    Have you ever seen permanent ‘trust indicators’ on a website header bar? You most likely have in the form of “Free Shipping” or “30 Day Returns” features. These always-present messages answer critical questions for the consumer at a quick glance, encouraging them to shop without concern or friction.

    Promoting the Zip logo and one-line description in your header bar is a strong way to ensure customers are primed and ready to buy no matter where they are on your website – it presents a way to shop now and pay later, perfect for those window shoppers!

    An example of the perfect placement is shown below from thewarehouse.co.nz – get your own header bar logo set up by popping one of these files into your header bar.


    3. Promote Zip on your Homepage Banner

    The first thing a user sees when they land on your website is front-and-center; the main banner. Traditionally, this space is used to introduce the customer to your store and explain why they should shop there, but it’s also used to run promotions and sales.

    This also happens to be the perfect spot to let your customers know that Zip is available, and that it enables them to shop now and pay later – especially when you have just launched Zip as a payment option! This message can hit home with consumers who were on the fence about shopping or digging deeper into your website.

    We are happy to provide a banner to suit or work with you to design something custom like the Rockshop example below.

    4. Ensure Zip is a Payment Method for Checkout

    Obviously having Zip available at checkout is required for Zip to work, so make sure it’s all up and running as expected. Having Zip presented as a payment option here not only triggers a Zip checkout but can also act as a final trick for driving shoppers over the final hurdle of having to pay. A lot of customers ‘abandon’ their shopping cart at the checkout stage of their shop (when it comes time to pay), so everything here helps to convert that visit to a sale.

    There are many reasons for a customer to hesitate before buying – they want to compare prices to competitors, they had a change of heart, they don’t trust your brand, they’re not willing to pay the final amount, and more. Our clients have seen that having Zip available at this critical stage of the purchase experience helps increase conversion to sale.


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