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    Convert your email list to sales with Zip

    If you run an online shop, chances are you have a database of customers including their email addresses (afterall, you usually ask for this during checkout or for ‘newsletter’ signups).

    Having an email list presents a wonderful change to speak directly to customers who have already put their hand up to say they’re interested – these are prime prospects! In fact, 3 out of 4 companies agree that email offers “good” to “excellent” ROI. (Econsultancy, 2016).

    However, presentation and messaging is critical. Our clients have seen great success in emailing their database about Zip, or including Zip in their template. Here’s how:

    1. Let your customers know that you accept Zip

    The best way to reach your existing customers is through email – it’s cheap, fast and easy. If you haven’t already, you should consider sending an email to your existing customers that announces Zip as a payment option. It will increase the chance of them shopping with you again, or increasing the value of their next purchase.

    Here are some of the key messages to share in the email itself:

    “Good news! Due to popular demand, we are now accepting Zip so you can now shop with us and pay only 25% upfront, then the rest over 6 weeks with no fees and no interest! You still receive your items right away as per usual, but you get to space out the payments across 3 fortnightly instalments charged to your Credit or Debit card – easy!”

    2. Ensure your email template is up to speed

    There are many email systems available to help you send branded emails – we recommend MailChimp as it’s super simple, yet powerful. They have out-of-the-box templates you can use, simply update the colours and fonts to match your brand and throw in your logo!

    3. Write a compelling subject line

    They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but your customers do every day – by the subject line of your emails! A strong subject line means more customers will open your email (typically, only 10-20% of your recipients will open on a good day), so it’s worth doing it right.

    The best tips for writing a good subject line can be found here, but we can help you with your first one right away. Our merchants have seen some great results from announcing a new way to pay at their store with Zip. Here’s an example subject line you can copy and paste for yourself:

    “We are now accepting Zip so you can buy now, but pay later with no fees or interest!”

    4. Use a picture or banner in the email to focus attention

    Most online content is skim-read, especially promotions and advertisements. That means you have to break up your messaging into easily identified sections. Using a banner image to get across your key message is one of the best ways to ensure the most important part is seen while the reader is skimming through.

    Make sure to keep it short and simple, on top of a colourful banner. Here’s one we made up for you for your Zip announcement email (right click and click “save as” or “save image”)

    5. Have a permanent Zip call-out in your email template

    The header and footer of your email template are great places to store important, recurring information that your consumers can benefit from – for example, the same “trust indicators” you might use on your website such as free shipping, 30 day returns, or pay with Zip.

    Each email you send with that addition will increase the chances of a recipient choosing to visit your website (which means more chances to sell), as general awareness grows of the new way to pay. Try downloading a small Zip logo to begin with right here, then throw it in your email template and away you go!

    6. Consider setting up a “cart abandonment” email with this incentive

    If you haven’t already set one up, an automatic cart abandonment email is a fantastic way to convert customers who were on the edge of a sale into a finalised sale! Cart abandonment is simply when a website visitor adds one or more of your products to their shopping cart, then decides to leave it instead of go through with the purchase.

    Most email systems like Mailchimp or even Shopify have the ability to send emails to customers after detecting that they’ve “abandoned” their cart. The messaging for the subject line and contents should be simple:

    “We’re still holding on to this for you – pay 25% now and the rest later with no fees!”

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