Custom via API

The Zip Partner REST APIs are resource oriented and allow third parties to interface with Zip’s payment systems.

Please find our Zip NZ Developer Documentation here which includes both In-Store and Online APIs.


For Online Integration, as part of the development process, you must have your site undergo certification.

Certification Steps

  1. On completion of development – set aside a period of time to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  2. Work your way through the items outlined in the Certification Checklist, recording your actual results as you go. If any tests fail in a way that you believe is not acceptable then perform necessary development work to fix the use case and then repeat the test until it passes
  3. Once you have completed and ticked-off all items in the checklist – add any additional notes you would like for the Zip team
  4. Forward the completed copy of this checklist to your sales engineer for review
  5. Provide your sales engineer with access to your UAT environment so that they may validate edge cases and well-known points of difficulty
  6. When you and your sales engineer are happy that all tests have passed – you will be provided with sign-off and you will be able to go live or release your platform changes

Certification Checklist

Please find our online & in-store certification checklist that should be fulfilled prior to going live.

Conversion Optimisation

The below series of snippets should be used to add product marketing assets to your website.

Zip Landing Page
Calculator Widget
Footer Payment Icon

Landing Page

zip landing page

Below is the code snippet that should be used to load this dynamically from Zip:
<zip-information instore="{true/false}" online="true" faqs="true"></zip-information><script src=""></script>

Calculator Widget

Product and cart page visibility ensures customers are aware of Zip before reaching the checkout stage. This allows them to consider adding additional items or upgrading to a more premium model knowing they have increased funds at their disposal.

calculator widget

zip modal

Please find our widget code here.


Footer Payment Icon

Include the Zip payment icon alongside any other accepted payment logos, wherever they appear on your website.

<a><img src="" style="height:30px;"></a>