Magento 1

If you’re a Zip Australian Partner, please refer to the Zip AU docs found here


1. Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials
2. Add Zip as a Payment Method
3. Zip Payment Icon
4. Zip Landing Page


Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials

To integrate Zip into your Magento 1 website, you will need a Zip Private/API Key

These credentials are provided upon integration, however, if you’re unable to locate these, please contact us at [email protected]

Add Zip as a Payment Method

Please follow the instructions found in this documentation to download, install and configure our Zip extension.

Adding the Zip Payment Icon

What does the Zip payment icon look like?

zip payment icon

– In the Magento admin dashboard, navigate to CMS > Static Blocks

– Select the Static Block for the footer, or whichever contains the payment icons/logos

– Use the following code to add the Zip Payment Icon alongside the other accepted payment method logos:

<a><img src=”” style=”height:30px;”></a>

Note: If required, you can change the value of the height style property to adjust the size of the Zip icon

– Save your changes


Add the Zip Landing Page

Create a landing page (static web page) to educate customer about Zip, while also providing access for customers to pre-apply for their Zip account.

What does the Zip landing page look like?

zip landing page

– In the Magento admin page, navigate to CMS > Pages.

– Click ‘Add New Page‘ at the top right of the screen

– In the ‘Page Information‘ tab, enter the following:

Page Title: Zip – Own it now, pay in 4

URL Key: zip

Status: Enabled

– Navigate to the ‘Content‘ tab.

– Enter the following into ‘Content Heading‘:

Zip – Own it now, pay in 4

– Toggle the ‘Show/Hide Editor‘ button so that there are three buttons (Insert Widget, Insert Image, Insert Variable) next to it, and an empty white box under it.
– Enter the following code into the empty box:
<zip-information instore="false" online="true" faqs="true"></zip-information><script>src=""></script>


If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]