OpenCart Integration Steps

Download File zip-nz-opencart

Please make sure your OpenCart version is 2.0+ as we don’t support previous versions

Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials

To integrate Zip into your OpenCart website, you will need the following Zip Merchant Credentials:

– Client ID

– Client Secret

These credentials should have been sent to you by email, however, if you’re unable to locate them, please contact us at

Add Zip as a Payment Method

Download and extract the .zip file

– In the left-hand menu, navigate to Extensions > Extension Installer

– Click ‘Upload’ and select the .ocmod zip file appropriate to your OpenCart version

Click ‘Continue’ if you have files that need be overwritten (this will show if you’ve used our plugin previously)

– In the left-hand menu, navigate to Extensions > Payments*


*Top Image: OpenCart Version 2.3+ | Bottom Image: OpenCart Version below 2.3

– Near the bottom of the list, locate the Zip Payment extension

– To install the Zip extension, click the green install button on the right-hand side

– To start configuring the Zip credentials, click the blue edit button on the right-hand side

Configure the Extension settings

Fill the fields with the following values:

Variable/Field Value
Enable/Disable Enabled
Test mode For Production mode: No

For Sandbox mode: Yes

Client ID <Provided by us>
Client Secret <Provided by us>
Success Order Status Complete by default


– Click the blue save button on the top right corner to save these changes

Zip Co NZ Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

09 489 8144