Same product. Different look.

It’s big news from us. PartPay is now known as ‘Zip’ and our website, emails, social media accounts and mobile app have a fancy new look. Everything will work the same as it always has, but if you have any questions, hopefully you’ll find the answers below.

What changes for me?
Not much. You still have the same login details, the same spending limit, and you can still shop at the same places.

How you shop with PartPay does not change. It is now just be called ‘Zip’ with a new logo and new colours (a bit like the same friend you’ve always known, just with a new haircut).

Where do I go to access my account?
You have found it! Simply visit and click sign in and you can log into your account with the same details.

Is the product changing?
Nope. It is still 25% paid up front and then 3 further fortnightly interest free payments, charged to your card. There are still no fees charged if you make your payments on time.

What’s changing at the stores I shop at?
You’ll now see ‘Zip’ instead of PartPay on instore marketing material and when checking out online.

Can I still use the PartPay app to make payments and shop instore?
Yes, if you have downloaded our mobile app on ​Apple​ or ​Android​ this app will still function the same but you will need to update it to the new Zip version in the app stores. Once updated it will work the same was as before, but have a Zip look and feel.

Will my current purchases or upcoming payments be affected?
No. Your transaction history and payment plans carry over. The only difference will be that your bank statement will say ‘Zip’ instead of PartPay for all payments from now on.

What will my bank statements say?
As above, your bank statements will include the word ‘Zip’

Can I use my NZ Zip account to shop in Australia or purchase from Australian websites?
Not at this stage, as our product isn’t yet integrated with the Australian Zip. But this is something we’re working on so will keep you posted.

Why are you rebranding?
Our business has recently been purchased by Zip Co Limited, an Australian ‘buy now, pay later’ company that has very similar products and shares the same outlook as PartPay. All our local team are still staying on though and it’s business as usual for us.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email our support team on