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Store Directory

The details you provide will be used to Zip to market your brand and help drive traffic to your website or send shoppers in-store.

The Zip Store Directory is a HUGE referrer of traffic to our partners and can help you reach our existing users.

Once you send through your request, your tile will be on the website within 2 business days, pending review by the Zip Partners team.
This review is essential to make sure customers get the best possible experience when browsing the Zip Store Directory.

How to Create Your Store Tile

Your store tile needs two separate images:

A Background Image: This is a lifestyle image that best represents your store
(you should find and save a selection of images that reflect your brand.)

A Logo Image: This should be in .png format, be all white in colour and have a transparent background

alt text

Once you have these, please send them to with the subject line “Store Directory Tile for [YourStoreName]” and we’ll get this created and done for you.