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    Vend Integration Steps

    Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials

    To integrate Zip into Vend, you will need the following Zip Merchant Credentials:

    – Your Zip Merchant Login Email Address & Password

    These credentials should have been sent to you by email, however, if you’re unable to locate them, please contact us at nz@partners.zip.co

    Add Zip as a Payment Method

    – On Vend, navigate to Setup > Payment Types

    – Select ‘Add Payment Type

    – Choose ‘Other Provider

    – Input the name as “Zip”

    – Input the Gateway URL as:



    – Click ‘Save Payment Type’

    Configure Zip into your Vend Register(s)

    – On Vend, navigate to Setup > Outlets and select the Register you wish to add Zip onto

    – Once you’re logged in on the Zip Merchant Portal, go to this URL to register your Vend Terminal

    – Once you’re on our Vend Registration page, fill in the fields that can be found in the URL of your Vend HQ Portal

    Please note: For the Origin ID, make sure it doesn’t end with a “/”

    If you have multiple Registers, simply repeat the step above. Just make sure you update the Register ID as they’re unique values

    Zip Co NZ Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

    09 489 8144 nz@care.zip.co