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    Download File zip-nz-woocommerce

    If you’re a Zip Australian Partner, please refer to the Zip AU docs found here

    1. Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials

    If you’re simply reinstalling an older plugin, you can skip this step

    To integrate Zip into your WooCommerce website, you will need the following Zip Merchant Credentials:

    – Client ID

    – Client Secret

    These merchant credentials should have been sent to you by email, however, if you’re unable to locate these details, please contact us at integrationsnz@zip.co

    2. Add Zip as a Payment Method

    – Login to your WordPress admin portal

    If you have an older plugin, navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins, find the PartPay plugin and click ‘Deactivate
    After deactivating the plugin, the option to delete it will appear

    – In the left-hand menu, navigate to Plugins > Add New

    – Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button

    Download and upload the plugin .zip file to WordPress

    – Once the plugin has finished installing, click ‘Activate

    3. Configure the Plugin settings

    – In the left-hand menu, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Zip and select ‘Manage

    – Enter the following values into the fields:

    Variable/Field Value
    Enable/Disable Checkbox = Ticked
    Title Zip – Own it now, pay in 4
    Test mode For Production/Live mode: Production

    For Sandbox/Test mode: Sandbox Test

    Locale New Zealand
    Client ID <Provided by us>
    Client Secret <Provided by us>
    Product Page Widget Checkbox = Ticked
    Widget Reference  Your Merchant Name

    – Click ‘Save’

    4. Add the Zip Landing Page

    Create a landing page (static web page) to educate customer about Zip, while also providing access for customers to pre-apply for their Zip account.

    What does the Zip landing page look like?

    – In WordPress admin page, over in the left-hand menu, navigate to Pages > Add New.

    – Enter the page title:

    Zip – Own it now, pay in 4

    – Click on the “Text” tab or create a “Custom HTML” block (depending on your editor).

    – Copy the Zip Landing Page code below, and paste it into the field that you just created:

    <zip-information instore="true" online="true" faqs="true"></zip-information>
    <script src="https://zip.co/nz/assets/landing.js?v=1.0"></script>

    – You can set either instore=”true” online=”true” to false if you do not wish to see specific panels

    – Click ‘Publish‘.

    5. Add Menu Link to Zip Landing Page

    Add a link to the Zip Landing Page in the header/footer menus so customers can access the page.

    – In WordPress admin page, over in the left-hand menu, navigate to Appearance > Menus.

    – Select the menu you wish to edit.

    – In the ‘Pages‘ info box, tick the checkbox of the Zip Landing Page you just created and click ‘Add to Menu‘.

    – Edit the ‘Navigation Label‘ to:

    About Zip

    – Click ‘Save Menu‘.


    If you need further assistance, please contact our integrations team at integrationsnz@zip.co

    Zip Co NZ Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

    09 489 8144 nz@care.zip.co