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How Zip works

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Buy online in one of our partner shops and choose Zip as payment method at the checkout.

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Free registration for customers. Online shops give us a tiny fee.

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  • We are a platform that allows Singaporeans to make online payments, interest-free. You can pay for your online purchases in 4 instalments – payable every 2 weeks over a 6-week period. This means that instead of paying the whole amount at once, you can pay effectively 25% of the total price when you place your order by using Zip.

  • You can choose Zip as your payment method when you checkout with one of our partner merchants.

    If it is your first time using Zip, you will need to provide some information to set up your account with us. If you already have an account, you just need to log in. That’s it!

    Your order will be shipped after the first payment is made and your registered payment method will be charged automatically.

  • Zip is free to use for you, as long as you pay us back in time! We charge our partner merchants for their use of our services. At Zip, we strive for transparency and we will never change our fees without informing you first.

  • Your payment calendar begins automatically the moment you confirm your purchase. Payments will be made via a valid payment method you registered with us at the time of opening your account with us. You initially pay us 25% of the total amount, and then 25% every 2 weeks thereafter over a 6-week period.

    Typically a charge is attempted at midday of the relevant payment due date, but if you have any problems or wish to pay earlier, simply log into your Zip account and make the payment manually.

  • To protect your account and reduce fraud, Zip verifies and approves every transaction. Therefore, the amount you can spend with Zip may vary according to various factors, including:

    • How long you have been a customer with Zip;
    • Your credit history;
    • The number of purchases you have made recently;
    • Your payment history with us.


    Our goal is to help you maintain full control of your personal finances and maintain a healthy credit history, so here are some tips:

    • Ensure that all due payments are made on time;
    • Make your payment as soon as possible if you can’t make it on time;
    • Be sure you have enough funds in your payment method for your first payment.
  • At Zip, we believe in responsible spending.

    Accordingly, you will be able to make your next purchase using Zip once you have made your second payment in relation to your first purchase. This means you can only make one transaction with Zip every two weeks unless you pay your instalments ahead of time. Payments due dates and other information relating to your account can viewed in your customer portal or in your Zip account in the Dash app.

  • To be eligible to use our services, you must be over 18 years old, hold a payment method that is valid in Singapore and accepted by us and have a Singaporean mobile phone number. Our automated decisioning platform will review your credit score and other factors when reviewing your application.

  • You will need to initiate a refund request directly from the merchant you purchased from, so please reach out to them directly to initiate any refunds.

    Once your refund has been successfully processed, the funds will be credited back to the relevant payment method associated with your Zip account. However, please note that refunded amounts will be first applied to any outstanding payments due to us before they are credited to your payment method.

  • If a scheduled payment to us fails for any reason, we will attempt to charge your payment method again the next day. If payments remain outstanding 3 or more days after it was originally due, we may charge you a late payment fee.

    Please contact our support team if you are not able to make any repayment to us on time.

  • Online help and the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) can be found on our website. We also have a friendly support team that is happy to assist you by filling out this form as fully as you can. This will help us to answer your questions as soon as possible. Or you may write to us at [email protected]