Best Practice


Welcome to the Zip family.

We’re a close knit bunch and we believe in building strong and meaningful partnerships that are mutually beneficial and long lasting. We believe working closely with our partners will ensure a positive outcome – as your challenges and successes are also ours.


What is BPI & BPM?

Best Practice Marketing (BPM) and Best Practice Integration (BPI) refer to the way Zip is presented on our Partners’ online stores. They are what we consider to be the minimum level of integration and marketing that provides the maximum benefit to our Partner businesses.


Why do they matter?

According to recent research, 73% of shoppers expect to see payment options on a homepage of a website. This is constantly reflected in the feedback we receive from customers and Partners.

By presenting payment options in the right way at the right time, customers are more likely to complete a purchase and usually with a larger basket size.

Through constant testing, analysis and optimising how Zip is presented to customers, we ensure that we provide them with the best possible experience, while maximising the benefits to our Partners.

We now know that when customers are informed about Zip’s availability throughout their consumer journey, they are:

  • Significantly more likely to complete their checkout – up to 30% increase in conversions.
  • Checkout with an above average basket size – up to 70% increase in order value.
  • More likely to re-transact with your website in future – up to 80% increase in repeat purchases.