Retail Finance By Zip

By adding Zip as a payment option, either online or instore, you are providing your customers with the opportunity to pay later, interest free, whilst growing your sales.

Zip enables your customers to purchase from you, receive the goods or services as normal, but spread the cost over 4 equal fortnightly payments. And you get paid in FULL the following working day.

How to set up a business account with Zip

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Apply for a business account online, get approved and accept Zip in your business within a week

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With some help from us, add Zip as a payment option to your online online or instore point of sale.

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Start accepting Zip transactions. We settle with you in full the next day into your bank account

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Ready to integrate with your platform

Zip integrates with leading eCommerce platforms, providing an easy fuss-free start for any business. If you are not a ‘plug and play' type business, our API titled ‘by developers for developers’ lets you control your own online integration.

We have over many Point-of-Sale (PoS) and terminal integrations. You could also gain access to our online business portal and start accepting Zip transactions instore with no integration required.

Online Tools

Zip provides you with a host of tools to help build customer engagement on your own website. They include:
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Display the Zip product calculator on your website, to demonstrate to your customers the price split by 4

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Header Bar

Pick from a selection of Zip banners to promote instalment payment options to your customers

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Zip sits alongside your traditional payment methods at checkout, and is easy for your customers to choose.

What businesses say about us

"Zip made the integration process smooth and painless. Within a fortnight, we saw a 22% increase in AOV."
Jessica Mason, Founder

How do customer refunds work?

If your customer makes a return and requires a refund, the process is simple and seamless. You make a refund request in your Business Portal and then we process the refund back to your customer and amend their payment plan.
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Business Portal Login

Login to your Business Portal and search for the Customer Order you’d like to refund

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Find Order

Click on ‘View Order’, and you will be able to see the ‘Refund’ button on the page

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Process Refund

Select the amount to be refunded, along with a ‘Reference Note’, and then click ‘Make Refund’. You will see the refund reflected on your next remittance advice from us