Fashionistas want the latest trends but do not want to hurt their designer wallets. Zip eases the blow by spreading the cost of designer threads into four interests free, no fee payments. Now they can look luxe for less, managing their finances and their wardrobes.



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Over 60% of millennials do not have credit cards yet. 85% of them shop online

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93% of the top 30 retailers in the UK offer instalment payment solutions

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26% of online consumers shop online every week for fashion


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Impact and Benefits

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Less than 5% of online traffic converts to a sale.

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Providing Zip turns browsers into customers giving them the ability to own it now and pay later. No need to wait until pay day.

Increases average order value by up to 60%.

What fashion businesses say about us?

Julia Cuxson-Jones - Director, Curvaceous Beauties

I had been looking for a solution for part payments for many years and was often getting asked for this service by my customers. Came across Zip, called them and felt immediately comfortable with their service. They were an amazingly friendly team. I was set up in a couple of days and it worked seamlessly with the website. I had my first Zip order within 24 hours and my customers have continued to love the service since.

Need help getting things started?

Our Frequently Asked Questions section contains common questions and answers around joining Zip as a Merchant Partner.