Kids & Baby 

No need to spit the dummy, having payment friendly options gives your customers the ability to grow now and pay later.  Take the pain out at checkout by offering Zip. See those smiles and sales grow, as customers rush to your store.



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Mother & Baby is one of the fastest moving consumer goods sectors in the world

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The baby products market is valued at around $158bn worldwide

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In the UK, baby clothing and footwear is worth around £7.3bn


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Impact and Benefits

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72% of younger parents use or want access to pay later payment methods.

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See your business grow by offering an innovative new payment solution.

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64% of new parents are not prepared for the costs associated with a new baby. Part payment solutions can help ease the upfront costs.

What kids & baby businesses say about us?

Kristina and Graham Currie- Joint Owners, BON TOT

We’re really excited to launch our new Own it now, pay later. Interest Free option with Zip. We’ve been very conscious about considering this option, as we don’t want to encourage our customers to over spend and risk ending up in debt. However, we’re also very cost conscious, and we know that shopping ethically and sustainably is more expensive than fast fashion high street options.

Need help getting things started?

Our Frequently Asked Questions section contains common questions and answers around joining Zip as a Merchant Partner.