Opencart Integration Steps

Download File zip-uk-opencart

Please make sure your OpenCart version is 2.0+ as we don’t support previous versions

Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials

To integrate Zip into your OpenCart website, you will need the following Zip Merchant Credentials:

– Client ID

– Client Secret

These credentials should have been sent to you by email, however, if you’re unable to locate them, please contact us at

Add Zip as a Payment Method

– Download and extract the .zip file

– In the left-hand menu, navigate to Extensions > Extension Installer

– Click ‘Upload’ and select the .ocmod zip file appropriate to your OpenCart version

– Click ‘Continue’ if you have files that need be overwritten (this will show if you’ve used our plugin previously)

– In the left-hand menu, navigate to Extensions > Payments*


*Top Image: OpenCart Version 2.3+ | Bottom Image: OpenCart Version below 2.3

– Near the bottom of the list, locate the Zip Payment extension

– To install the Zip extension, click the green install button on the right-hand side

– To start configuring the Zip credentials, click the blue edit button on the right-hand side

Configure the Extension settings

Fill the fields with the following values:

Variable/Field Value
Enable/Disable Enabled
Test mode For Production mode: No

For Sandbox mode: Yes

Client ID <Provided by us>
Client Secret <Provided by us>
Success Order Status Complete by default


– Click the blue save button on the top right corner to save these changes

Zip Co Payments UK Ltd & Zip Co Finance UK Ltd, 82 St. John Street, London, EC1M 4JN, UK