Zip acquires US-based QuadPay.

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    Supported POS Platforms

    If you have a physical store, you can process Zip transactions for in-store purchases too. You can do this via the Zip dashboard or by integrating directly into your Point of Sale system.

    Note: To accept new Zip QR codes, you must have an integration with your point-of-sales system. If you are using the Zip dashboard you can continue to process orders with the 6 digit in-store code as normal

    • Vend
    • Kudos Counter Intelligence
    • AdvanceRetail
    • Shopify POS

    Why integrate directly?

    We already support easy integrations with many Point of Sale systems. By integrating Zip directly with your Point of Sale system, it will be easier to manage your Zip in-store orders and reconcile at the end of the day.

    An additional benefit is that you will be able to accept payments from customers by scanning the QR code found in their App instead of inputting the 6-digit payment code. This makes it easier and quicker for both your staff and customers.


    Don’t see your Point of Sale system listed?

    If you’d like to look at our API to build an integration that way, you can find documentation here.

    Or, tell us which system you are on and we’ll let you know when a direct integration with your system will be available.


    Get Started:

    Email to request an integration guide or to enquire about a system that is not listed above.