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12 Items to Organize Your Entire Life from Amazon

If you’re reading this, then you probably love organizing just as much as the next Marie Kondo fangirl. And discovering a new organizational gem on Amazon makes that two-day Prime shipping sound even better!


Long gone are the days of messy living: we’ve got the 12 best Amazon products to make your life feel more put together than ever before.


Everything we feature here has been hand-selected by our editorial team. When you purchase an item linked in our shopping guides, we may earn a small commission.

By Nicole Bustamante

A computer stand that goes with everything

Spending all day at home means that a clean desk is absolutely necessary. This monitor stand doubles as a great storage space for all your WFH essentials while keeping things looking sleek.


$73.99 split into 4 payments of $18.50*



A cutting board that makes clean up easy

Work on compartmentalizing your (cooking) life—quite literally—with this handy bamboo cutting board. Gather your bits and pieces in the clean drawers as you chop to easily add to any meal-in-progress.


$42.95 split into 4 payments of $10.74*



Containers to inspire the home chef

Nothing says ‘I have it all together’ like a labeled food storage container! Embrace life as a true type-A organizer with these clear containers that come with chalkboard labels for anything you like.


$30.59 split into 4 payments of $7.65*



The one gadget you actually need

Consider how often you touch your phone and hold it against your face—and then think about the last time you gave it a good clean. Been awhile? Keep your smartphone germ-free with this PhoneSoap sanitizer.


$79.95 split into 4 payments of $19.99*



Cereal dispensers that make mornings a breeze

Elevate any kitchen space with these chic, clear dispensers for all your early morning (and late night) cereal cravings.


$83.70 split into 4 payments of $20.93*



Sleek labels to remember what’s what

If you want to make use of the containers you already have at home, consider these classy gold metal bin clips and pantry stickers for easy customization.


$31.95 split into 4 payments of $7.99*



The answer to kitchen drawer clutter

Finally say goodbye to digging through your kitchen drawers! These dividers adjust to fit any size drawer and allow you to customize your compartments and keep that spatula where it belongs.


$39.99 split into 4 payments of $10.00*



A compact way to avoid tripping over wires

Tangled wires are almost as bad as tangled jewelry! Keep everything neat and organized with this bento-box style electronics case.


$49.95 split into 4 payments of $12.49*



A versatile case that actually keeps your toothbrush clean

Do you ever think about your loose toothbrush rolling around in your toiletry bag? Yuck. Keep your most crucial hygiene tool clean with this toothbrush sanitizer from Avari, and you won’t have to.

$49.99 split into 4 payments of $12.50*


Customizable containers for expert shoe-stacking

Clean up closet clutter once and for all! These acrylic shoe boxes help keep all your items easily within reach, while the interlocking system allows for customized stacking to fit your space.


$49.99 split into 4 payments of $12.50*



A computer pad that doubles as a white board

Notes to self are essential during our WFH days, and this dry-erase computer pad is perfect for jotting down quick thoughts and reminders!


$33.17 split into 4 payments of $8.29*



Storage you’ll want to show off

Create little cubbies with these cute collapsible storage bins! Available in different colors and sizes, these are perfect for clothes, toys, toiletries, electronics… pretty much anything.


$31.99 split into 4 payments of $7.99*


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