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Upgrade Your Nighttime Routine with these 13 Products for Better Sleep

If you’re prone to hours of doom-scrolling right before bed or struggle to shut off your brain at night, you’re not alone. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, take this opportunity to recommit to a relaxing, decompressing evening routine with these 13 self-care-focused products.


Not only will you get a better night’s sleep—you might just forget about that endless Instagram feed and your lengthy to-do list until the morning.

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By Nicole Bustamante

“Pierrot” Party Pajama Set

Swap out street style for sheet style. We’ve seen these Sleeper pajamas on all our favorite influencers, both inside and outside of the house, and we can’t get enough. We encourage you to wear this chic set to bed for the sweetest of dreams.


$168.00 split into 4 payments of $42.00*



Fuzzette Slippers

Sliding into these fluffy slippers from Ugg is the perfect antidote to chilly nights. Clock out and turn off work mode with these comfy sheepskin footbeds that are all the rage right now.


$90.00 split into 4 payments of $22.50*



Face Mask Duo

The best things always come in twos, including this refreshing face mask set from Glossier for hydration and detoxification. Keep one on for about the length of an episode of Emily In Paris, and enjoy a glass of wine while you soak in all that goodness.


$40.00 split into 4 payments of $10.00*



Natural Glass Candle

There’s no scent better for sleep than lavender. Unlock full relaxation mode by lighting this all-natural cypress lavender candle from Illume right before bed (just remember to snuff it out before you nod off!).


$54.00 split into 4 payments of $13.50*



Honeycomb Duvet Cover Set

With winter looming, we’re ready to stock up on cozy bedding for the cold months ahead. This duvet cover set from Parachute Home brings our hibernation goals to the next level.


$259.00 split into 4 payments of $64.75*



Kalahari Desert De-tox Bath Salts

Nothing screams “self-care” quite like a warm bath before bed. Make your next soak even more luxurious with these seaweed infused bath salts from African Botanics, intended to de-tox and relieve muscle tension.


$75.00 split into 4 payments of $18.75*


Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Long Wrap Robe

Known for their Kardashian-approved blankets, Barefoot Dreams also has a robe collection so you can literally wear their snuggle-worthy products all around the house. Few things are as heavenly as slipping into this long wrap robe after a rejuvenating bath.


$118.00 split into 4 payments of $29.50*



Sleep Mask

Struggling to get to sleep at the end of your nighttime routine? Our key to getting some solid shut-eye is this Slipsilk sleep mask. It’s like having a set of portable blackout curtains at a fraction of the price!


$50.00 split into 4 payments of $12.50*



Weighted Throw Blanket

If you’re still having trouble falling asleep, try this life-changing weighted blanket from Urban Outfitters. The additional 15 pounds will help you feel cozy, safe, and secure as you drift off into a deep slumber.

$79.00 split into 4 payments of $19.75*


Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion

The fall and winter air can do some serious damage to your skin. Take care of every inch of your body by moisturizing with this Kiehl’s body lotion after a tranquil bath. We promise you’ll experience a new sense of euphoria as you slide into clean sheets with hydrated skin.


$38.00 split into 4 payments of $9.50*



Restore Alarm Clock

Say farewell to your jarring 8am ring tone, and wave hello to the new way to wake up. With the Hatch Restore smart light and clock, you can enjoy a dimming light as you go to bed, white noise to help keep you asleep, and a gradual “sunrise” light as you wake up naturally and on time.


$129.95 split into 4 payments of $32.49*



Sachajuan Overnight Hair Cream

Who doesn’t love multitasking? This Sachajuan hair conditioning treatment works as you sleep to prevent breakage, nourish your hair, and soften your strands.


$53.00 split into 4 payments of $13.25*



Silk Pillowcase

Round out your nighttime routine in the best way – with silk pillows fit for a queen. This Blissy pillowcase is another great multitasking trick to take care of your hair, skin, and overall health while you hit the snooze button.


$69.95 split into 4 payments of $17.49*


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