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How to Shop Like an Expert on Your Desktop with Quadpay for Chrome

By Phoebe Williscraig

We know that phones have become the most popular way to browse—but there’s still something comforting about shopping on a desktop or laptop computer, right? 


Maybe it’s the security of purchasing big-ticket items on a larger screen, or the convenience of switching between numerous tabs before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Call us old-fashioned, but booking a flight or hotel on your phone just hits different. It’s too easy to input the wrong information, or hastily tap “purchase” without reviewing the fine print.


But if you’re worried about missing out on the magic of paying later, here’s the good news: you can have it all. Enter the first pay later solution for desktop: Quadpay for Chrome. This extension can be added seamlessly to your browser, giving you all of the flexibility of BNPL with the convenience of shopping absolutely anywhere on your device of choice.


What’s so great about buy now, pay later?


If you ever find yourself stretched for funds or simply want a method to better manage your day-to-day expenses, buy now pay later is for you.


Quadpay enables you to split any purchase into four interest-free installments. For example, instead of paying upfront for a $100 purchase, you’ll pay $25 today and then again every two weeks, spreading the payment out over six weeks total. There are no hidden fees to use the service—just a $1 charge per installment. 


For anyone who wants to avoid credit card debt and high fees, this is a gamechanger. Best of all, approval is instant and there is no hard credit check required. And did we mention that Quadpay can be used anywhere Visa is accepted? That means that virtually anything, from online groceries to a wardrobe refresh, can be split in four.


How to use Quadpay for Chrome


Quadpay for Chrome is the first ever buy now, pay later browser extension, giving you all the power of Quadpay on your desktop. That means you can pay later absolutely anywhere you shop.


If you’re already familiar with the Quadpay app, using the Chrome extension will feel like second nature. And if you’ve never used Quadpay before, we’re here to assure you that it is just as quick and easy as using a traditional debit or credit card at checkout. 


Follow the steps below to download Quadpay for Chrome, then simply activate the extension at checkout and receive a virtual card to use for your order. You’ll be able to see your payment breakdown and schedule easily, and you’ll receive email reminders before each installment is due.



Here’s how it works:



1. Download the Quadpay for Chrome extension from the Chrome store. Quadpay for Chrome is free to download, and can be added to your browser in just two clicks. Once you’ve downloaded it, you will see the icon sit at the top right of your screen, just to the right of the search bar. 



2. Shop like normal at your favorite sites. Add products to your cart, then use the extension to split your payment in 4 by clicking the blue Quadpay icon when you’re ready to check out.



3. When you get to checkout, click on the extension and make sure your cart amount matches your payment request.



4. Complete payment. We’ll generate a virtual card and autofill your payment info so you can check out in seconds. You can use the extension anywhere you shop on desktop, all within the existing checkout experience on your favorite sites.


That’s it! If you’re clamoring for more, here’s a bonus step: pin Quadpay for Chrome to your browser for easy access every time you shop online. Just click the puzzle icon that appears next to the Quadpay icon in your browser, then click the pushpin icon so that it turns blue.



Ready to Quadpay?


Ready to Quadpay on desktop? Check out this video to see what all the excitement is about.



Quadpay for Chrome provides a seamless buy now, pay later experience for anyone who prefers to shop on desktop. Feel confident when buying things like flights and hotels, paying your bills online, or just engaging in some retail therapy. The possibilities are endless: how will you Quadpay today?

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