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How Refunds Work with Quadpay: Your Questions, Answered

By Courtney Comart

Let’s talk about something very real: refund anxiety. Even the simplest in-person return can set our nerves tingling as we wait for the money to hit our account again. When you layer in the logistics of shipping back an online order or using a third-party buy now, pay later service like Quadpay, the stakes seem even higher.


Luckily, Quadpay’s return process is simple and straightforward. We’ll break down everything you need to know about how to return an item you purchased using Quadpay so that the next time you experience buyer’s remorse, you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes to getting your money back.


So You Need to Make a Return. What Now?


First things first—follow the merchant’s instructions. If you are returning a purchase in store, bring the items you wish to return to the location along with the receipt. If you made a purchase online, you can typically initiate a return by using the merchant-specific order number to look up the order on the merchant’s website, selecting the item(s) you wish to return, and then receiving a (oftentimes) prepaid shipping label. Pack up your return, attach the shipping label, and then drop it off or have it picked up by the shipping provider.


In most instances, returns you’ve shipped back take at least a week to arrive at their destination. You can check if they made it there safely by using the tracking number on the shipping label. The store will then need to process the return in their system, which can take another two or three weeks depending on the merchant.


Once Quadpay is notified that the return has been processed, the refund process begins automatically (just like your credit or debit card company is notified without you needing to take any extra steps). Every company is different, so check their individual returns FAQ page to see how long it typically takes to process a return.


To help lessen some of the refund anxiety you may be experiencing, we’ve added a feature so that you can let Quadpay know you’ve started a return before we’re automatically notified by the merchant. When you let Quadpay know you’ve started a return, we push back any remaining payment installments by two weeks to give the merchant time to process the return. If you don’t notify Quadpay, you’ll continue to pay regularly scheduled installments on the order. Either way, any money you’ve paid to Quadpay will get returned to you once the refund is processed.


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All of Your Refund Questions, Answered


Need some more intel? Here’s your cheat sheet to the ins and outs of the returns process, based on the questions we hear most frequently from customers.


How do I notify Quadpay that I’m making a return?


In the Quadpay app, go to the Orders screen and tap on the order that you wish to return. Toggle over from “Overview” to “Details” and then click “Report Return” toward the bottom of the page. 


You will be asked to confirm that the return is being made, and voila! Your remaining installments will be paused for two weeks to give the merchant time to process the return.


What happens if I forget to notify Quadpay?


If you don’t notify Quadpay, you will still receive your refund. However, the installments will move forward as normal until the merchant processes the return, meaning that you’ll still be responsible for paying installments on the purchase until that point.


When will I receive my refund?


Even if you’ve notified Quadpay that you’re making a return, we need to hear it from the merchant as well. As soon as we are notified of the return by the merchant, you will be refunded the amount you’ve paid to date and all future payments will be cancelled.


Remember, if you have only made one installment payment, we can only refund what you have paid, not the entire amount of the original purchase.


What if I only returned part of my order?


Here’s an easy formula to remember: your original order total – returns amount = your new order total. If you have already paid enough in installments to cover that remaining order amount, Quadpay will refund your linked payment method directly with any excess funds.


If your new order total still has an outstanding amount, Quadpay will start by reducing your last installment by that amount. Then if it is more than that, we will deduct it from your last and second last installment – and so on.




You make a $100 purchase. Your four installment payments are $25 each. The merchant refunds $50 on your purchase. The value is applied to the last of your installments, and then to the next-to-last installment, and so on, until the entire refund amount has been applied.


1. $25 – Paid at time of purchase.

2. $25 – To be paid on the original installment due date.

3. $25 – Covered with the refund.

4. $25 – Covered with the refund.


Your second installment remains, and is still due on the due date.


What about in-store returns?


In-store returns follow the same refund process. If you’re asked to show the original payment method, the virtual card that was used for your order can be found on the order details screen.


The Bottom Line


Although returns can feel stressful, rest assured that you will receive your refund as soon as your return is processed. The entire process can take four or more weeks between shipping out a return and getting your money back, but now that you know the ins and outs of how the process works, we hope you’ll feel a little less stress during that waiting period.


If you think a refund is taking longer than it’s supposed to or you have questions about your return, you can always contact us. Say goodbye to refund anxiety and hello to a better way to pay with Quadpay!

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