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Zip Chevron Incentive Program

Head to your local participating Chevron station to fill your tank, and get $10 off your $35+ purchase with the Zip app.

Terms and Conditions

Offer valid from 12:01 am September 6, 2021 (Eastern Time) to 11:59 pm June 30, 2022 (Eastern Time) (“Program Period”). The following Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions available at (collectively, “Terms”) apply to the Zip Chevron Incentive Program (“Program”) offered by Zip Co US Inc. (“we”, “Zip” or “Company”). As part of the Program, we are offering users in the United States (“you”) the opportunity (“Offer”) to earn certain cash back rewards payable by Zip (“Rewards”), all in accordance with and subject to the Terms set forth below.

The Offer entitles you to $10 off the total purchase price on eligible items, when you spend $35+ and check out using Zip during the offer period. Multiple items may be purchased during one transaction. To be eligible, the user must successfully complete a purchase transaction of eligible items through any Chevron-branded gas station/store in the United States (“Merchants”) using the Zip mobile application and a Zip virtual card as the form of payment during the Program Period. All order installments must be paid in full and on time under the terms of the Customer Agreement. Eligible users will receive $10 cash back in the form of a discount applied to the final order installment; provided that if the final order installment payment is less than $10 users will receive an aggregate discount of $10 applied over the final two order installments. If a Merchant processes a refund (full or partial) of a transaction made by you, such that the net amount of the transaction after such refund will be less than the minimum amount specified in the applicable Offer for such Merchant (if any), you will not be eligible to earn any Reward for such transaction. Limit of 1 promotion per user. Promotion is personal and not transferable. Certain offers may be made directly by Merchants and promoted as part of the Program, such as via discount code or link out to a Merchant site, and the Merchants themselves are responsible for any such offers. Any terms and conditions applicable to such offers are the responsibility of the applicable Merchants. Zip is only responsible for our own Offers, and only our Offers are subject to these Terms.