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4 Ways Retailers Can Successfully Scale their Supply Chains

By Spencer Cain

To Grow Your Business Must Scale

A great business will never survive without the ability to scale. Many business that are fortunate enough to have a winning concept are often overwhelmed by the flood of demand it brings. How do I get orders out in time? How will shipping affect margins? Where do I store and track all my inventory? 


Fear not because a third-party logistic company (3PL) can help you handle shipping, inventory, warehousing and so much more. Here’s a quick breakdown on how a 3PL can fast-track your growth. 


  • Better shipping rates
    Volume equals discounts and 3PLs ship massive quantities every day. This allows them to get discounted rates that you likely can’t get. Shipping costs eat into profit margins, so the more you save the more you make.


  • Faster shipping times
    Everyone wants their order yesterday and players like Amazon are creating the expectation of same or next day delivery. For a smaller business, that kind of speed costs big money and a 3PL can make fast shipping much more cost effective.


  • Get real-time inventory and updates
    See how much stock you have and replenish inventory all in real time with systems offered by a 3PL. This can also be used to provide customers with order status updates contributing to a seamless shopping experience.


  • Upgrades for your business
    A 3PL has partners that provide payment options like buy now, pay later offered by Zip, access to marketing agencies, tax services and more – all of which you can leverage to advance your growth.


About the author
Spencer Cain

Spencer Cain is a fashion and entertainment editor with a background in ecommerce and trend forecasting. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Us Weekly and StyleCaster, and he spent six years leading US content for ASOS. He believes that online shopping should be an Olympic sport.