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About Vintner’s Daughter

Many of today’s luxury brands tout ethicality and sustainability as core business values. But skincare brand Vintner’s Daughter was committed to supply chain transparency before it was cool.

In 2014, when Vintner’s Daughter launched its first product, the brand became a pioneer in the clean beauty space. Its Active Botanical Serum was a culmination of the brand’s driving philosophy: to use the finest, purest ingredients available, with a focus on careful sourcing and extraction.

Through viral word of mouth popularity and high-profile press mentions, Vintner’s Daughter soon found a place in the daily skincare routines of celebrities from Lady Gaga to Hailey Beiber.

Vintner’s Daughter Teams Up with Quadpay to Offer Customers a Cleaner Payment Experience

The Challenge

After the launch of its second product—the Active Treatment Essence—in March 2019, Vintner’s Daughter needed a way to keep up with overwhelming demand while catering to a larger audience of skincare enthusiasts.

With an eye to attracting the younger millennial crowd, the brand wanted to make its products more accessible without diluting its luxury image. Rather than offering steep discounts that would conflict with its business model, Vintner’s Daughter needed another way to seal the deal with customers who might be hesitant about the price point of its products.

Vintner’s Daughter Teams Up with Quadpay to Offer Customers a Cleaner Payment Experience

The Solution

Many prospective customers discover Vintner’s Daughter through third-party channels like Violet Grey, where installment payment options are widely used by customers. By offering Quadpay at checkout, Vintner’s Daughter would be able to provide a seamless experience for customers no matter how they discovered the brand.

“We’re very much focused on building brand equity and maintaining our luxury image. We saw this as an opportunity to share the product we believe in with a broader audience,” according to James Yoon, who heads up the brand’s eCommerce efforts.

Setting up the Quadpay integration with Vintner’s Daughter’s existing Shopify eCommerce platform was almost unbelievably simple: “I didn’t think it would be this easy,” says Yoon.

Working with the Quadpay implementation team, a custom Shopify theme was coded and customized within two days of kicking off the partnership in early February 2020. Once the widget was placed, the integration was up, running, and ready to be used.

The Results

Within the first month of launching Quadpay, Vintner’s Daughter has enjoyed steady growth. A whopping 90% of net new customers transacted through QuadPay in the first week it went live, and a number of customers have reached out to the brand directly to express their excitement about the new payment option.

Equally exciting is the fact that Quadpay orders already accounted for 9% of Vintner’s Daughter’s total sales after just two weeks of partnership, and that number is expected to rise over the next few months.

of net new customers transacted through Quadpay
of total sales from Quadpay

“Quadpay is well aligned with our brand. It’s exciting to grow alongside a company like QuadPay that’s obviously accelerating quickly.”

James Yoon, Director of Ecommerce
Vintner’s Daughter Teams Up with Quadpay to Offer Customers a Cleaner Payment Experience

We may be biased, but we think Vintner’s Daughter and QuadPay are a match made in eCommerce heaven.

Vintner’s Daughter Teams Up with Quadpay to Offer Customers a Cleaner Payment Experience

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