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Why Today’s
Buy Now, Pay Later Shoppers Crave
Choice at the Checkout

The Future
Shopper is Here.

(And they’re choosy)

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) shoppers are the future, and they’re selective. Especially when it comes to how they pay. Young and digitally savvy, these consumers know not all BNPL options are created equal and shop around.

Retailers have been offering a choice of credit cards, digital wallets and alternate payment methods for some time. Because it makes good business sense. Choice can also be a winning strategy for BNPL – accessing the spending power of this desirable, modern shopper.

More than one BNPL payment option – also called multi-apping – decreases cart abandonment, increases the reach and diversity of consumer segments, and builds loyalty, both online and in-store.

With global transactions expected to hit $760 Billion (USD) by 2025, BNPL is the fastest growing eCommerce payment method worldwide. Retailers who cast their nets wider with BNPL, catch more (and often bigger spending) fish. Read on for Zip’s don’t-miss findings.

As a global payments and consumer financing company, Zip understands multi-apping behavior, and is here to support you.

Decreases cart
Builds loyalty, both
online and instore
Reach unique,
diverse segments
Read on for Zip’s don’t-miss findings Read on for Zip’s don’t-miss findings
Fast and Furious to 2025

Anticipated Global Growth
of BNPL Shopping

Source: Kaleido Intelligence, Market Outlook 2021

$ 292
Billion (USD)
$ 760
Billion (USD)
BNPL Growth
Did you know?

Nearly half of Zipsters around the world spend more, and shop more, with Zip. 41% of Australians and 47% of Americans shop more because of Zip. With Zip available at checkout, 44% of Aussies and Americans will make bigger purchases.

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For Consumers

Show Us a World
with Choice

Meet the Canadian
Shopper with a
Consumerist Mindset

Zip’s Canadian shoppers are comfortable: they skew to diverse and digital millennials, and established multicultural families. Far from cash strapped, they are cash smart. Canada could attract 14 million of these shoppers by 2025.

The majority of the global Zipster community (71%) say it’s important to have brand choice. Some (53%) will even actively avoid stores, or abandon their carts, when they don’t see their favourite BNPL options. Less than half (49%) said they would only maybe still purchase from a store or website that did not have BNPL as a payment option.

Of global Zipsters want to choose from multiple BNPL brands
keep on exploring
Terms of

Modern consumers are showing that the terms matter, whether it’s the number of payment periods, interest, APR, or spending thresholds. They know they may be assessed for a higher spend with one provider over another, and like the option to buy higher ticket items with the best terms.

Over 41% of Zipsters open accounts with multiple BNPL brands to get better interest rates or lower fees offered by different brands. Zip customers like that they’re considered highly qualified shoppers and are rewarded with maximized spending limits.

Loyalty Comes
From Choice.

While they’re not loyal to one payment brand, these shoppers will become return customers to retailers who listen. Having many BNPL brands at the point of purchase is important to them, very important.

Over 50% of consumers want to hear about BNPL offers and benefits from stores. This trust is bankable. The more online checkout and prompts in-store at the point of sale, the bigger the opportunity, especially for brick and mortar stores.

Rewards For Being
VIP Shoppers
Higher, Approved
Spending Limits
Did you know?

Nearly half of Zipsters around the world spend more, and shop more, with Zip. 41% of Australians and 47% of Americans shop more because of Zip. With Zip available at checkout, 44% of Aussies and Americans will make bigger purchases.

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For Retailers

The Art
of the Cart

Attracting a New,
Diverse Breed of

The BNPL shopper is like no other, and offers access to unique user groups that benefit the bottomline. They’re often shoppers who reject credit cards, and want the freedom to choose the way they pay. They’re young, often Gen Z or Millennials, and they’re aching to be heard.

Consumer demand (55%) is the primary reason retailers offer BNPL options. Which pays off, because the majority of shoppers (61%) say they’d consider signing up for BNPL at stores they already shop at.

Why Retailers
Offer BNPL Options

total sales


offer it
but wait, there's more!
In-store Makes a

Think BNPL is a digital phenomenon? The surprising news is 71% would consider signing up to a new BNPL brand in-store.

Once there, 25% would want to sign up exclusively in-store, while 46% would be happy to sign up either in-store or online.

A further 77% would want to use BNPL in-store exclusively, or along with online purchases.

Would sign up to a new
BNPL brand in-store
The (No Longer)
Abandoned Cart

Add to Cart is music to any retailer’s ear, but not always so easy. 91% of Canadian purchases were abandoned in just one quarter of 2021. So how do you change the record? We know when brands offer BNPL as a payment choice, they convert more shoppers.

Analysis from YipitData shows that adding more BNPLs increases conversions, meaning more revenue. Even better, they spend more.

Considering these shoppers are financially comfortable, with discretionary funds for luxury and non-essential goods, do you really want to miss out? (Hint: We don’t think so!)

Revenue Impact with
Multiple BNPL Providers

Source: Kaleido Intelligence, Market Outlook 2021

Case study

When Zip
Powers the
Highest AOV

It’s not bragging to say it, especially when there’s data. Zip shoppers spend more because they like getting the right terms, with the right spending limits, without racking up debt. Something they’re not getting with traditional payment methods, like credit cards, or with other BNPL providers.

At this Zipster favourite fashion retailer, Zipsters are not only fueling more orders, but powering the highest order values of any payment option.

Zipster favourite fashion
retailer AOV in 2021
Source: YipitData, February 2022 — www.yipitdata.com
$135 $100 $60 $40 $0
Other BNPL

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Global Trends

Overseas shopping behaviour is a real indicator of what's to come, here at home: Mature markets – like Australia – are leading BNPL. But watch the next 12 months. The trend is most definitely global, and about to benefit any Canadian retailer who’s ready to offer diverse BNPL options.

For Consumers

Multi-apping can build loyalty, reduce abandoned carts and deter competitors: Your customers are showing they want payment alternatives so they can shop for more, today! Make that happen and your customers will thank you, with bigger baskets and their valuable loyalty.

For Retailers

Online and in-store, retailers are the big winners with multiple BNPL apps: Offer a cohesive, BNPL brand experience whether customers are in-store or online. See how each shopping channel helps the other, giving consumers the buying options they want, however they shop. And watch the sales increase!

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BNPL is a fast-emerging consumer imperative with serious FOMO. Multi-apping only makes the future brighter.

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*Unless otherwise noted, findings here are based on Zip proprietary research and shopping data