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Shop Online & In-Store with Zip

Why pay later for groceries with Zip?

Budgeting made easy

Zip helps you stick to your budget, even when stocking up, with convenient payments over time.

Hosting without hassle

Order everything you need to host online through the Zip app or take Zip with you for all the finishing touches in-store. You can even use Zip at your favorite local grocery store or farmer’s market!

Only the best

Zip gives you the flexibility to focus on quality ingredients, or fine touches, without footing the full cost upfront.

Where can you pay for groceries with Zip?

Pay later where you want for your groceries.

How it works:

  1. Download the Zip app and search for your favorite grocery store or delivery service.
  2. Create a one time virtual card in the app to pay for your groceries purchase.
  3. All set! Make your 4 payments for your purchase with Zip over 6 weeks.1


Can I use Zip to pay later for groceries?

Yes! Zip gives you the flexibility to pay for groceries in 4 payments over 6 weeks.1

What app lets you pay groceries in four payments?

The Zip app lets you pay later for groceries. Whether you’re hosting a holiday brunch or cooking a special dinner for the family, pay later where you want with Zip.

Can I buy groceries in-store and pay later with Zip?

Yes! With the Zip App or physical Zip Card, you can take Zip with you and pay later in-store for groceries, even at your favorite local grocers or farmers market.

Can I order groceries online and pay later with Zip?

Ordering groceries online and paying later is easy with the Zip app: Download the Zip app.

  • Search for your favorite grocery store in the Zip app.
  • Load up your cart and tap “Pay with Zip” when you’re ready to submit your payment.
  • Make your 4 payments for your purchase with Zip over 6 weeks.1

Download the app to get started!

Get instant access to shop now, pay later at thousands of brands—online or instore!


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