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Pay for your next purchase at Barbour in 4 installments over 6 weeks when you check out with Zip.1

Our features

  • Four easy payments1

    Pay in four installments over six weeks.1

  • No surprises

    Payments are automatically made from your linked debit or credit card every two weeks.1

  • Friendly reminders

    Advance notifications ensure you never miss a payment.

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Reviews from the App Store

This is terrific

This is terrific. Unlike some other payment options this can literally be used anywhere that accepts VISA which is almost everywhere. Super easy to sign up.


Use it pretty much ANYWHERE!

Not only can you use this for online shopping and in store purchases, you can legit use it pretty much ANYWHERE! Gooooals.


ZIP is the way to go.

Shopping with Zip is fun, easy and smart. Fun because you can have your purchases immediately, checking out is easy and a smart budgeting decision. What are you waiting for?



Zip allows me to make large purchases and split them into convenient and easy payments! I've been using zip for a while now and the convenience is what keeps me using it!


You can use it almost ANY and EVERYWHERE!!!

I LOVE!! This app!!! I have 2 other apps that offer pay in 4 but I love this one the most because you can use it almost ANY and EVERYWHERE!!!


Easy peasy!

Great App! Easy to access, quick results for your acceptance and lots of merchandise stores! I will be having fun on here!


Best thing since sliced bread

I love how this app allowed me to take control of my finances. I’m able to use it anywhere Visa is accepted. I’ve never felt more in control of my wallet!


Very convenient to use, especially in store!

I love this because you can use it mostly in any store that accepts Apple Pay. Gas station as well.


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Add products to your cart, then use the extension to pay over time. Available pretty much everywhere you shop online.2

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