Family Violence

We acknowledge the role businesses like Zip can play in reducing the harmful impacts of family violence and we are committed to assisting victim survivors and in particular our commitment to minimising any further risk or harm caused to our customers impacted by financial abuse.

What is Family Violence?

Financial abuse is a form of family violence and is a common tactic used by abusers to gain power and control, and to manipulate an individual.
At Zip, we aim to provide our impacted customers with safe, supportive, timely and flexible assistance, as well as information on how to access specialist support services where this may be of benefit.

Zip’s approach to Family Violence

We will provide specialised financial hardship arrangements to assist customers during times of financial difficulty. These arrangements will consider the unique circumstances of a customer impacted by family violence.
If these circumstances apply to you, we will:

  • Fast track any financial hardship request;
  • Provide options to provide financial relief;
  • Consider the risks involved in attempting to recover debts where family violence is involved.

We will not:

  • Require customers experiencing financial to provide evidence of their experience of family violence, or
  • Refer the debt on to a third-party debt collection agency where we become aware that a customer’s debt involves a situation of family violence.

Based on the information you provide we are able to provide you with a support plan based on your personal circumstances.

Your support plan may include:

  • A short-term fixed/reduced repayment for an amount below the contractual repayment amount or below the minimum monthly payment;
  • A short term moratorium or a deferral of repayments;
  • Suspension or variation of interest and fees;
  • Consider debt waiver or settlement for extenuating circumstances

All requests for hardship assistance will be treated in the strictest confidence as we work together to find a solution.

How do I apply for assistance with Zip?

You can discuss vulnerability and hardship with our team, Mondays to Fridays, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

New Zealand: 09 489 8144

Apply here for Financial Hardship

Post: Zip Co NZ Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Support Services

If you wish to access financial counselling services to get advice on how to manage your finances or access easy to use guides, you can contact:

0508 744 633: The Shine Helpline (Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday), offers confidential online and telephone counselling, information and referral services.
Contact 0508 744 633, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or visit

For emergency assistance for police, fire or ambulance contact 111. If not safe to speak, push 55 on a mobile (any number on a landline) to be put through to Police.