Brand Assets

Get ready for our fearless new brand by downloading the logos, badges and payment method assets you need for your website.

Please refer to our brand guidelines to ensure the new Zip brand looks its best so you can leverage off our global, customer facing launch.

Brand Assets + Logo

.ZIP / 7 KB

Logo - Main

Our north star. Available in .png and .svg formats.

.ZIP / 6 KB

Logo - Reversed

Best used for darker backgrounds. Available in .png and .svg formats.

.ZIP / 9 KB

Badge - Main

Available in .png, .svg and .pdf formats.

.ZIP / 9 KB

Badge - Reversed

Available in .png, .svg and .pdf formats.

.ZIP / 2 KB

Payment Method - Main

Available in .svg format.

.SVG / 2 KB

Payment Method - Reversed

Available in .svg format.

.ZIP / 200 KB

Marketing Banners

Includes email, website and social in main and reversed styles.