The directors and management of Zip Co Limited (ZIP or the Company) are committed to conducting the business of the Company and its controlled entities (the Group) in an ethical manner and in accordance with high standards of corporate governance.

In order for the Group to meet its stakeholder obligations and responsibilities, the Board has approved a corporate governance framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes for the business. On this page you will find the Company’s principal corporate governance policies and documents. The Board has approved a system of corporate governance to ensure that the Company is managed in a manner directed at achieving its objectives in a proper and ethical manner.

The policies and constituent documents set out on this website represent and reflect reasonable aspirations for the Company, its directors and staff and are necessary to develop and maintain a good corporate culture.

The Company’s Corporate Governance Statement provided on this page contains a summary of the Company’s Corporate Governance Framework and overview of its practices. Throughout the last reporting period, ZIP’s corporate governance arrangements were consistent with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th ed) (the ASX Principles).

ZIP is committed to ensuring that its corporate governance framework, policies and practices reflect a high standard of corporate governance and continuously improving our governance practices to ensure alignment with the needs of our business and stakeholders. Delivering on this commitment requires ZIP to have a sound understanding of current governance requirements and practices, as well as being attuned to emerging governance trends and shifting stakeholder expectations. Good corporate governance supports sustainable performance by ZIP over time.

At Zip, we believe our teams should reflect our customers. We consciously build for inclusion and balance so that everyone can be their best.