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Lending responsibly with Zip Business

Our commitment

We are committed to lending in a responsible way. Treating customers fairly and lending responsibly are at the heart of our business. This means we offer products that are suitable for you. We strive to understand your business and needs and to ensure the way we do business with you is transparent. We want all of our clients and partners to make informed decisions.

What we will do

What you can expect from Zip Business:

  • Our products and lending criteria are designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • Fairly priced products which we promote in a balanced way showing the risks as well as the benefits.
  • Clear information on the cost of your borrowing, including all fees and charges and our terms and conditions.
  • An assessment of your ability to make regular payments and repay the loan is performed using innovative and proven credit assessment techniques.
  • Your credit line amount will be limited to an amount that we believe will ensure you don't overstretch your finances and which will allow for some increase in expenditure.
  • As a signatory of the Code of Lending Practice – AFIA Online Small Business Lenders Code of Practice, we are committed to issuing every loan offer with the transparency and disclosure standards outlined in the Code. You can find the Code here or for further information please refer to the AFIA Website.
  • Your personal data will be kept secure and treated confidentially.
  • Any queries or complaints you may have will be handled swiftly.
  • All payment issues and arrears will be treated with respect and consideration.
  • We look at many pieces of information and use a variety of techniques to help us make the right decision. This information may include Credit Scoring, Credit Bureau data and your history with us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information about data we collect.
  • If we offer to lend you money we will always provide clear information to help you make an informed decision. If you have financial problems, formal proceedings will be a last resort, only after we have exhausted all other attempts to reach an agreement with you.