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Zip Business Product Closure

Zip Business Trade and Zip Business Trade Plus are being closed as 1st of September 2022. As such, no new applications for Zip Business Trade and Zip Business Trade Plus Products are being accepted.

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Why is this happening?

We created Zip Business Trade and Trade Plus to provide a better way for Australian businesses to manage their cash flow.

Unfortunately, due to the changing economic environment we've had to make the difficult decision to close the Trade and Trade Plus services and focus on our core consumer and merchant offerings.

Are you an existing Trade or Trade Plus customer? We're here to help.

Please be aware that:

  • Customers with active Zip Business Trade or Trade Plus Accounts in good standing will be able to use the Accounts for new purchases up to and including 31st of August 2022 (“Closure Date”).
  • Any remaining amounts due on your Account as of the Closure Date will be deducted from your Account on your regular repayment schedule. Your repayments will continue as normal until the total amounts owing have been paid off in full.
  • Once your total amount owing has been reduced to nil, we'll close your Zip Business Trade or Trade Plus Account.
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