Disputes & Complaints

We aim to provide you with the highest possible standard of service.

Sometimes things can go wrong and if this is the case we’ll do our best to find a quick and fair solution to solve your issue.

If you have any concerns with a specific purchase, we recommend that you always contact the retailer directly first. This is often the faster and easier way to resolve the issue.

If a situation arises where:

  • Your order isn’t delivered
  • The service you have received was unsatisfactory
  • The product you have received is faulty
  • An order is made without your authorisation
  • The retailer where you placed the order is unresponsive, unable to cancel the order or unable to process your refund

We are here to help resolve the matter. If you attempted to contact the retailer and we’re unable to resolve it directly with them, our support team is here to help. We may ask for additional documentation from you to assist in resolving any complaints or disputes and may need your assistance to facilitate a resolution.

If you feel you have encountered any of the issues outlined above and have already tried to resolve the matter directly with the retailer please contact us.

Our team will investigate your dispute, and attempt to resolve your complaint through our resolution process.