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Split in 4 at your favourite stores

Split in 4 at
your favourite

Enjoy interest free shopping when you
Zip Now, Pay Later.

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Our Features

  • No interest, no fees & no contract

    Pay your instalments on time and you’ll only pay for your purchase, with regular reminders before we take a payment.

  • Instant approval

    A quick soft credit check with no impact on your credit score.

  • Simple payments & peace of mind

    Manage your orders, repayments and refunds in the app, with support from our Customer Experience team, should you need it.

How to shop online with the app

  • Find a retailer

    Search for your favorite stores in the app.

    Find a retailer
  • Browse your favorites

    Add products to your cart, then tap "Pay with Zip."

    Browse your favorites
  • Confirm purchase amount

    Ensure your cart amount matches the payment request.

    Confirm purchase amount
  • Complete payment

    We’ll autofill your payment info—check out in seconds.

    Complete payment

How to shop instore with Apple Pay

  • Select the instore tab

    Enter the total amount you wish to spend instore at selected retailers.

    Select the instore tab
  • Review your payments

    Confirm your payment plan to generate your virtual Zip card.

    Review your payments
  • Add to your Apple Wallet

    Add your Zip card to your Apple Wallet.

    Add to your Apple Wallet
  • Tap to pay!

    Tap to pay and complete your purchase.

    Tap to pay!

Need help getting things started?

  • To pay with Zip, you need to:

    • Be over 18
    • ave a UK debit card
    • Be living in the UK
    • Have a good credit history and show responsible lending behaviour – for existing Zip customers, this means paying your instalments on time. To better understand and learn how to improve your credit, sign up for free with a credit reference agency such as Experian or TransUnion. For some customers, we haven’t been able to verify their details because conflicting information is held by the credit reference agencies.

    You’ll be subject to a soft credit check and will also need a smartphone – which you can verify – to be able to download the app and sign up for an account.


Zip it quicker in the app!

Pay in 4, interest free at 100s of stores and manage your orders, repayments and refunds all in our app.

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