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Zip for Chrome

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Shop online everywhere Visa is accepted with our desktop browser extension.

Zip Chrome Extension in action on desktop
Zip Chrome Extension in action on desktop

Our features

  • Add more Zip

    Shop online, even when Zip isn't offered at checkout.

  • Seamless & safe

    Create a virtual card that safely expires after use.

  • Pay at your pace

    Purchase using your Zip account like any transaction.

How to use the Zip for Chrome extension

  • Download for free

    Get it from the Chrome web store in two clicks.

  • Log in to Zip

    Pin the extension and log into your Zip account.

  • Shop your favourites

    Click the extension when you're ready to checkout.

  • Complete payment

    Generate, copy & paste card details to pay with Zip.

Ready to shop online with Zip?

Buy now, pay later anywhere you shop online with Zip for Chrome.